NYU VR Grad Alley 2020

Frequently Asked Questions


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Is NYU VR Grad Alley accessible?

Yes, the landing page and VR experience are both accessible. Screen reader and keyboard controls are available. Within the experience, audio descriptions of buttons, closed captioning, and text/chat functions are provided.  VR Grad Alley was created in collaboration with a UX accessibility design expert, the NYU Moses Center for Student Accessibility, and the NYU Ability Project.

How do I find friends?

You can share the link to the room or environment you are in by clicking on the “Share” button on the top of your screen to find the URL for your location. Simply copy and send that link to your friends so you all can meet up in the same place.  If  your room is full, you can log out of that location and try a new room.

Do I need a VR headset?

No. The experience runs in most web browsers. On 2D displays, you use the mouse and keyboard to move around. In VR, you use relatively common VR movement controls—a combination of teleporting and moving with the wand.
See the list of devices and instructions here.

Do I need headphones?

Headphones are not necessary but they make the experience much better. You can use headphones with your phone, tablet, and computer;  some VR headsets have headphones integrated.

Do I need a strong WiFi connection?

Good Wi-Fi connection is recommended but not necessary. You can also join NYU VR Grad Alley via you mobile phone and mobile network (network charges may apply if your plan is not unlimited).

What if I have an older phone or computer?

The experience will be fully functional  provided that your device can open a browser. Chrome or Firefox are recommended for the best experience.

What are the rules?

All NYU community members and guests are expected to abide by the University’s existing code of ethical conduct. Hate speech and harassment will not be tolerated. Failure to abide by these policies may result in immediate removal from this VR event.

Can I talk with others and use features like dropping in media or drawing in the space?

Yes! You can talk to each other in the space and socialize.  The pen tool is available for you to draw, but it’s primarily designed for the Pictionary Island Room. 

 Please be aware that your audio can be heard by other members of the room, but does fall off over distance. We have made many of the rooms large enough so that you can find a place to chat, but please be mindful of others.

Purposely adding content to the rooms to disrupt the experience for others will be considered a Code of Conduct violation.

Chat/text function is available in all rooms on the bottom of your screen. 

If someone is engaging in behavior that I feel violates the Code of Conduct, how can I report it?

You may report inappropriate behavior in a variety of ways. Click the “!” button at the bottom left of the screen or email general2020@nyugradalleyvr.com. We will also have volunteer moderators  watching for inappropriate behavior, but they will not always be present in all rooms.